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2020 February Briefing Info:

February 24, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Counterintelligence

Location: Rancho Cordova City Hall - 2729 Prospect Park Dr., Rancho Cordova, CA


We will be covering several aspects of Counterintelligence for our February 2020 briefing. You will receive a Counterintelligence overview as well as three case presentations related to Counterintelligence. There will be a case presentation on theft of commercial data, a case presentation on threats to academia, and a case presentation on threats to USG. 


As always you may bring a guest but they must be older than 16 years of age.  We also invite everyone to arrive at 6:00 p.m. for a social "half hour".  If you plan to attend please RSVP to Katie Burnett.


We are in need of volunteers to bring beverages and snacks. Please let me know you are able to bring any items and, as always, thank you in advance for your generosity.  




2019 Past Briefing Info:

October 7, 2019 at 6:00 PM 

In 2012, a series of kidnappings and sexual assaults of young, college aged women occurred in the south campus area of California State University, Chico.  Victim statements revealed the Subject had an evolving modus operandi, which escalated to the point where victims were injected with an unknown substance causing them to lose consciousness.   Additionally, information was developed that the Subject may be a law enforcement officer.  At the request of the Chico Police Department, the FBI took an active role in the investigation, employing additional investigative techniques and resources.  


June 20, 2019 at 6:00 PM - Operation Slide Lock

SA Chris Goodman will talk through the Operation SLide Lock case, which was the culmination of a year-long investigation ending in what has been called one of the largest take downs of a gang operation in Fresno, with the arrest of 20 individuals on federal charges. The charges included conspiracy to traffic illegally in firearms, illegal possession and sales of firearms, drug trafficking, and promoting prostitution. The FBI worked with multiple agencies to target and ultimately cripple the Strother Boys gang of South East Fresno, who are also known for promoting prostitution among their illegal dealings. This operation also led to taking over 100 illegal firearms off the streets. 


February 19 at 6:30 PM - Tad Cummins: Child Abuduction Case

Special Agent Peter Jackson will brief a case entitled “Tad Cummins: Child Abduction Case.” The case details the April 2017 arrest of a former Tennessee teacher, Tad Cummins, and the recovery of the 15-year-old victim he had taken across multiple states.  The subject had been on the run for over one month during a nationwide manhunt before he was located in rural Cecilville, CA.   SA Jackson will discuss some of the challenges involved and what FBI Sacramento did to overcome those challenges


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